Political Campaigns

Political Campaigns represent an organized effort to influence the decision making process within a specific group to “win” a specific goal.  Creating an effective political campaign requires a knowledge of the voting public in the area in which the campaign is conducted and a determination of the number of votes required to win.  A campaign may have several stages, but a campaign for a person will usually have a Primary and a General Election.  There are also ballot issues, referendums and other terms for special issue votes.

Determining the right strategy and message for the campaign is the number one goal for each campaign.  It is a combination of the knowledge and passion of the candidate and the knowledge and passion of the voters, often with the voter’s point of view determined through surveys.

Each campaign requires most of the same activities as would any product, project, person or organization:


Competitive research

Voter research, on an on-going basis

Branding and Messaging in:

Advertising ,

Social Media and

Public Relations

Media, PR and Exposure

The Candidate or Issue Advocates must use consistent messaging at a level that will reach the largest part of the population in the designated area, at least seven times.  Tools to reach the audience/voters include:

• Any opportunities to speak and be seen in public: speeches, coffees, media or reported by media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and now social media.

• The ability to plan the use of media that will reach and influence the largest number of people for the least amount of budget expenditure.

Realizing that a candidate is the product, we work from the very beginning to create an atmosphere of Trust.  We analyze the data and research/competitive research to create the “messaging.”  We analyze the client for his/her ability to communicate one-on-one effectively, to communicate within speeches effectively, to communicate in media effectively.  We work with the candidates one-on-one from appearance to speaking effectively in all media and circumstances.  We use a team approach to help the candidate become comfortable with uncomfortable questions and learn how to answer questions in public.

If you are considering running for office and would like to ask us to consider managing the marketing of the campaign, please ask us to send you our Candidate Form.  This will give us a great deal of information that will help us move to  a proposal for the specifics in your campaign.