Political Campaign Overview

Dynamite Media focuses on developing and and managing the surveys/listening/opposition research, all creative and message development, candidate training, public relations, social media,  advertising placement, and video production in consultation with the candidate and campaign manager. We will collaborate with the Campaign Manager regarding fund-raising, acquisition and use of lists, and messaging for persuasion marketing/door-to-door volunteer messaging and phone bank messaging.


  • To identify correctly the voters who can elect the Candidate and the issues which are most important to them.
  • To position Candidate correctly with the largest voter base possible.
  • To reach over 80% of all adults 18+ at least 7+ times with the essential campaign message using digital media, outdoor advertising and radio. To utilize television in last stages if necessary and funds available.
  • To reach the funding objectives that will allow the campaign to succeed and to attract the majority of donations from donors giving under $100 each and to raise $250,000.
  • To win the election by reaching the largest possible voter base, interacting with voters and turning them into advocates and strong supporters.

Elements of the Campaign

Surveys:  Need to do an initial survey to determine name recognition of Candidate and opponents, and to begin process of identifying what qualities voters most want in the person they will elect in Candidate’s position.  We would expect to take a minimum of three surveys, more if budget allows.

Listening Meetings: Find out what businesses, citizens, and county influencers need and want in this position.

Opposition Research: Learn everything possible about other candidates and how Candidate ‘shows up’ in web search and how he/she is perceived by colleagues/influencers.

Endorsements: Identify influencers and organizations that will endorse Candidate.

Messaging: Develop targeted messaging from the survey results and intelligence gained from listening meetings.

Training: Public speaking and media training/coaching. Image consulting.

Video Production: We will create videos as needed for digital and social media. At this time we do not see the need for high definition professional videos – cell phone is better than digital cameras of just a few years ago. Simple editing, short videos, addressing the issues of importance identified from the surveys and listening.

Persuasion Marketing; Train and direct volunteers for door-knocking / canvassing and phone banking throughout the county. Schedule meet and greet events in dense population neighborhoods – including apartments with clubhouses, churches, neighborhoods with clubhouses,  shopping centers, Clubs (VFW etc.) and public events and celebrations (e.g. upcoming Labor Day parade).

Print: Design and print leave-behinds for canvassing and for mailing before election.

Social Media Presence: Audit and amplify social media presence through existing platforms. Coupled with updating web site blog to be pushed to all social platforms.  Using newest methods for amplifying messaging using social media base to push.

Web Site Review: Make messaging consistent with overall campaign and upgrade web site to be responsive and optimized for cell phones


Create message, creative, and placement activities for:

  • Digital advertising: banners and 15 second video
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Paid radio advertising
  • Paid Outdoor advertising
  • Paid Television

Public Relations: Guest appearances, interviews, event coverage, press releases to all media, social media.