First and foremost, starting with a good intention is everything.

Here are some of our objectives in creating “good” advertising campaigns:

To be truthful
To be inspiring
To be entertaining
To be memorable
To be effective, and
To be cost efficient

It takes a combination of skills:

• A knowledge of all media available;
• A knowledge of, and the ability to gather information about, the audiences/publics who will be influenced by the campaign;
• The ability to combine and use the most effective media within the budget;
• The ability to track the results and alter quickly; and
• The ability to apply creativity to the best use of each medium in the campaign to achieve the objectives stated above.

We have endless examples of campaigns that we have conducted, political campaigns in particular, where the odds of our candidate winning seemed to be impossible, and through clear thinking, effective strategy, effective use of media, and messaging (positive messaging at that!) helped our candidate become the only
candidate in that area who won outright in a 3-person race.

We have worked for a small and unknown bank in a large city with mammoth competition and with a
minuscule budget, to become the most talked about bank in the entire community, but also helped it grow nearly four times as a result of a simple, creative and effective campaign.

We love the challenges. We love thinking outside the box. That’s where you find the “juice” of life!