Design & Message Branding:  Branding is the sum total of impressions that form a perceived image for a product, a person, a project or an organization.  It often includes a visual design, such as a ‘logo,” as well as a message that conveys the values and intentions of that product, person, project or organization. An “Identity Campaign” can include:

A Logo (form and color) and packaging design.

All collateral material (including stationary, business cards, envelopes.

Marketing flyers, brochures, books, websites, pamphlets, leave-behinds, point-of-purchase and displays.

Premise signage, including the building itself and its interior,  and could include apparel worn by employees, and any other products used by
customers such as napkins, bags, etc.

Messaging used in all collateral, advertising, social media and all PR.

Materials and media, whether print, audio or video in their many forms.