About Us

Pat Lynch, Co-Founder, Director of Vision and Development.  While she wasn’t born an entrepreneur, she certainly earned her stripes early and often.  She ran her first political campaign at the age of 22.  She began her first company in Atlanta, at the age of 25, the first advertising, PR and marketing company in the South headed by a woman.  Many of the first years were filled with political issues and candidates, winning all the races that she ran – local, regional and national – with a combination of research, strategy, innovation in the use of major media and messaging.  Her first business client was Citizens Trust Company, still the third largest Black bank in the nation.  After several years, the young company specialized in real estate, becoming one of the very first full-service real estate marketing companies in the U.S. During this time, she was the first person in the country to use radio and television to promote and sell real estate.

She began two other companies and took a detour into self-discovery, before visioning a company that would give women a greater voice.  This vision has been producing WomensRadio.com for over 20 years, the first company and site to stream for women, and still the largest and best of its kind, reaching millions of women leaders in the U.S. and beyond.  It now also produces WomensCalendar.com and AudioAcrobat.com, an audio/video streaming and marketing technology.

In the past 50+ years of entrepreneurial service, Pat has always been involved in giving her time and talent to not-for-profits that serve others – from creating a free party for 10,000 “at risk” kids in Atlanta, to providing marketing for a plethora of NFP’s, to serving on boards where ever she landed – Atlanta, DC, Fresno (CA), Oakland/Bay Area (CA), and Reno and Nevada.

Currently she is in the final review before publishing her first novel and is looking forward to creating fantasy stories for a virtual reality software company.  And, she is still visioning new companies, which provide for new approaches to winning campaigns and providing for mass needs, such as emergency and transitional housing.

About Our Team:  We choose our teams for each client and campaign based on the needs of each project and the goals to be accomplished.  Our teams will include professionals with specific expertise that are necessary to reach the desired outcomes of the campaigns and projects.  We consider our Media Representatives to be part of the team, people who are experts in their particular medium who provide both the very best availabilities and also the very best analytics and follow-up.  If our campaigns require media relationships that are specific to a certain city or region, we choose the talent with the best criteria and track record to be responsible for that area.  The same process is used to select other specific talent such as artists, photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals that may be required.